Photo, placards, film par G. L.

octophonic & sitespecific live hörspiel @Pantographe, Moutier, 3.8.2013 

With Gilles Lepore & Antoine Chessex we displayed the 8-channels system -or Giraphons- on a panoramic zone behind this amazing place called le Pantographe in Moutier (CH). 
Our hörspiel was reacting to the industrial & natural situation of the surroundings, playing at sunset field recordings & narratives around industrial & natural threats or disappearances. The piece expires in the middle of Cairo with a new breathing & a new situation. We're keen of working further on our herd of Giraphons 2.0. 

Aux Emibois, Belju for the Lübi project, 2009, photo de Gilles Aubry; au Pantographe pour Pantogreffe, photos noir-blanc, G.L., couleur, Pilou; & essais pour Bolidage, Fribourg, 2012, photo de Sophie Walker
Août 2014, Pantogreffe II, esquisses, par GL